Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Kalamazoo Lakes! is a unique source of information for many publicly accessible Kalamazoo County Lakes (Michigan). Within this website you'll find maps and video clips depicting many of your favorite lakes. In addition, this website encourages active participation by YOU! So if you're a local fisherman, boater, waterskier, kayaker etc. this is an excellent place to share your local lake knowledge with others. Lake knowledge such as best times to fish, best lake to waterski, most picturesque lake to kayak etc. etc. To contribute your knowledge just click on the "comment" link at the bottom of each specific lake web page. It's that easy!


Anonymous said...

I summer in South Haven Michigan and am tired of Lake Michigan being too cold or too rough. I'm looking for an inland lake less than 60-minutes from South Haven where I can use my 22-foot speed boat for various water sport activities. I would want a lake that is large enough for my boat yet isn't too crowded during the week. Any feedback can be sent to me at

Unknown said...

Great blog! thanks for the info and comments.

Mark W. said...

I love all the information shared on this site! It really helps me getting to know more of the beautiful lakes around Kalamazoo area! Thank you very much for creating this amazing blog! We will definitely have more fun this summer!
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